Review for Nápreva+K9
Please read because this product has changed my senior dog's life.

This is going to be a bit long winded, but please read because this product has changed my senior dog’s life.

I have an 11 year old rescue lab with arthritis in her hips. Madison’s on glucosamine supplements and multivitamins, but it wasn’t giving her any pain relief and the vet was only willing to prescribe her rimadyl for her pain. She was starting to really struggle with getting up, jumping on the bed, and overall she had a low energy level. A friend told me about Napreva K9, so I decided to check it out.

At first I was adding it to her dog food since she didn’t like taking it orally. I saw some improvements within a couple of days, so we continued to use it until we used up the bottle.

I kept forgetting to reorder and a couple of weeks went by and she started to really go down hill. Side note: Along with having arthritis, Madison also has chronic pancreatitis. During the month I was adding Napreva K9 to her food she didn’t have any major flare ups with her pancreatitis. About a week after we ran out she started having mild issues again.

Once she started going downhill I reordered and had it overnight-ed. This time I followed the directions exactly and consistently gave it to her orally. The next afternoon it was like she was a different dog. Her energy level was back up and she was wanting to play, fetch, and cause a ruckus. For the past month I have given Madison her Napreva twice a day, everyday and she hasn’t had a single bad day with her arthritis or pancreatitis.

For me, this product is worth it. It was worth the $50 to see if it worked and it was better than I imagined. Consistency is key though!

PROS: Great results, easy to use, good instructions, good packaging

CONS: Oral medication via syringe (my dog personally doesn’t like her muzzle being touched), strong smell (reminds me of licorice, so I always make sure to wash my hands if I get some of it on me)

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