Review for NáprevaPLUS
No side effects at all. None!

I have degenerative discs that pinch my nerves going into my left leg. If my back is out of adjustment the pain is constant and very uncomfortable. When I use Napreva the first dose eases the pain and I can function quite normally but the second dose allows me to sleep or just relax to watch TV or read.

I am very sensitive to and get odd reactions from drugs, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.etc. so I was a bit iffy about trying something new. I am pleased to say that Napreva only helped my pain. No side effects at all. None!

We have annual passes to the Disney parks and I can enjoy the entire day with Napreva in my bag.

I am reordering (2) today because I don’t ever want to be without it.
degenerative discs

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