Review for NáprevaPLUS K9
Made a huge improvement!

My vet recommended this product…

This product has made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my dog’s life. I have a 61lbs. 10 1/2 yr old mix breed (German shepherd, chow, malamute) who still walks a fast 4 to 7 miles everyday. He was starting to show signs of arthritis such as pain and stiffness upon rising after laying down, not playing as hard, and slowing down on his walks. My vet recommended this product and told me to start at .5ml twice a day. I thought I saw some improvement within the first few days and told my vet. She had me increase it to .75ml twice a day and I saw a huge improvement! I now give him .75ml to 1ml twice daily depending on his activity level for the day. The stiffness he had upon rising is almost nonexistent now and he has no trouble taking his beloved long walks. I do know that the improvement is from the Napreva because if I miss a dose I see that he is not as comfortable. Also, I follow the instructions closely. I squirt a little in each side of his mouth at the back between the cheek and gums and wait 10 minutes before giving him food.

I think all dogs with aches and pains would benefit from this. They can’t tell us how they feel so it’s up to us to interpret the signs to hopefully improve the quality of their lives.

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