Review for NáprevaPLUS K9
Excellent product!

I wasn’t convinced it was “the miracle”…

I have been using this product for a while now for my 2 senior dogs. Both on Rimadyl along with other drugs for years. Both dogs, multiple orthopedic surgeries leading to major arthritis. Bloodwork was progressively getting worse so tried this product as we were out of options. It was good, but I wasn’t convinced it was “the miracle”, kept using it as something was better than nothing. Then…. My 15 year old beagle got REALLY sick so in anticipation of having to rush her to the vet for surgery, I took her off everything but water and pedialite for 24 hours. She came through fine, but couldn’t walk. Absolutely no weight on one leg. We were carrying her everywhere. Put her back on Napreva, one dose, and she was back to normal. So evidently it REALLY works!

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