Review for NáprevaPLUS K9
Absolutely Amazing!!!

Our senior cattle dog survived cancer this year only to be laid low by debilitating arthritis. She had surgery on her doggie knee (ACL?) years ago and she had done very well until a few months ago. At first, she was just stiff and slow to rise. Unfortunately, she quickly got to the point where she needed to be assisted with a sling to get up and down the stairs and couldn’t even go for a walk around the block without hopping on 3 legs. One of my husband’s co-workers who trains cattle dogs for agility competitions recommended this product. I’m so glad she did!!!

We saw a huge difference with the first dose. Within hours Emily stopped limping. The next day she was going up and down the stairs by herself. Emily’s been taking this for almost 2 weeks and she now walks several blocks everyday, runs up and down the stairs without problems and chases and wrestles with our Chow/Golden Retriever mix every chance she gets. It’s also helped with her severe noise phobias, a very welcome side benefit. I’ve already purchased a second bottle. I hope this stuff never goes out of stock.

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