Beyond Grateful

Review for NáprevaPlus Beyond Grateful     Lynda I am forever grateful to have discovered Napreva. Both Napreva and Napreva Plus have given me incredible relief from debilitating arthritic hip and knee pain. For several months while awaiting a hip replacement Napreva truly took the edge off my relentless pain, then it helped me with […]

Life is better!

Review for NáprevaPlus Life is better!     Pudl I found that 3 sprays worked well. It takes the edge off anxiety . That is what I was looking for. I got used to the taste after a bit. Thanks – Takes the edge off anxiety

Napreva Is The Answer For Me!

Review for NáprevaPlus Napreva Is The Answer For Me!     William Martin For the last few years I really struggle to fall asleep. Usually I get so frustrated by the process that I get anxious and stressed which makes it even harder to fall asleep. I have tried melatonin and Valerian Route and a lot […]

I love this product!!

Review for NáprevaPlus I love this product!!     Lauri Nepreva does what it says. I use for all kinds of pains and anxiety. I’m using it and nothing else!! – Pain and Anxiety!

This changed our lives with our 3 dogs!

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 This changed our lives with our 3 dogs!     abstylist1 Bad hips, extreme anxiety and potty trouble Thank you so much for this amazing product! We have 3 dogs all at different stages of life. 1 13 year old rescue with bad hips who was falling and having bladder problems. […]

It really works!

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 It really works!     RIO Trouble with arthritis pain My 12 plus year old dog was having a lot of trouble with arthritis pain. He has major orthopedic issues in both rear legs with major arthritis pain. He is on Galaprant as well as other pain medication. In June of […]

Helps my Labrador!

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 Helps my Labrador!     Anonymous Off all other meds Wonderful product that is helping my dog deal with arthritis. Off all other meds.

Excellent product!

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 Excellent product!     Laurie I wasn’t convinced it was “the miracle”… I have been using this product for a while now for my 2 senior dogs. Both on Rimadyl along with other drugs for years. Both dogs, multiple orthopedic surgeries leading to major arthritis. Bloodwork was progressively getting worse so […]

It works and he likes it.

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 It works and he likes it.     Anonymous Thank goodness, pain relief for my dog that doesn’t make him sick.

Made a huge improvement!

Review for NáprevaPLUS K9 Made a huge improvement!     Anonymous My vet recommended this product… This product has made a HUGE improvement in the quality of my dog’s life. I have a 61lbs. 10 1/2 yr old mix breed (German shepherd, chow, malamute) who still walks a fast 4 to 7 miles everyday. He […]