NáprevaPLUS K9

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NáprevaPLUS K9 for dogs is based on the same proprietary, pure terpene formula we use for our human products with a small amount of CBD isolate from industrial hemp for those who can benefit from the entourage effect of combining terpenes with cannabinoids. Veterinarians and owners use it to help dogs suffering with chronic pain from aging, arthritis, sports injuries and many of the same conditions as their owners. They also say it also works for anxiety, poor appetite and improved sleep. Nothing in Nápreva K9 has known negative side effects. It’s not addictive. CBD won’t make your dog “high.”  Dogs fed well-formulated diets eat terpenes every day. But the precise combination and concentration of terpenes and CBD in NáprevaPLUS K9 ensures rapid relief and maximum benefit with minimal risk.

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Review for Nápreva+K9
This changed our lives with our 3 dogs!

Bad hips, extreme anxiety and potty trouble

Thank you so much for this amazing product! We have 3 dogs all at different stages of life. 1 13 year old rescue with bad hips who was falling and having bladder problems. The other was abandoned in a crate for 6+ months until we rescued her she has extreme anxiety. As well as a silly puppy that would not potty train!..

The first night We gave them the Napreva they were completely different dogs, happy, calm and comfortable! Our oldest pup, he could finally walk and was having fun for the first time in six months. The second pup who has extreme anxiety has been so calm and so sweet and this has completely changed her personality. And the puppy is now potty trained and it’s been a little over a month since we’ve had them on this and they are doing amazing I recommend this to anyone who has any pup! This is a miracle! Thank you Napreva!

Review for Nápreva+K9
It really works!

Trouble with arthritis pain

My 12 plus year old dog was having a lot of trouble with arthritis pain. He has major orthopedic issues in both rear legs with major arthritis pain. He is on Galaprant as well as other pain medication. In June of this year he started having trouble going up stairs. I was very concerned about him.

I tried the Black Rock CBDoil on him and with in 3-4 days I noticed a difference in how he was moving around.
I tried another brand, but went back to Black Rock. I like its dosage information. A bottle lasts a month and I usually get it within a few days of my order. The other place took over a week to arrive. It took several days to ‘process’ the order before it was even shipped. The price was equivalent as I would have to get 2 bottles of it in order to last a month.

So, I like Black Rock CBD oil because it is really helping my dog.

Review for Nápreva+K9
Helps my Labrador!

Off all other meds

Wonderful product that is helping my dog deal with arthritis. Off all other meds.

Review for Nápreva+K9
Excellent product!

I wasn’t convinced it was “the miracle”…

I have been using this product for a while now for my 2 senior dogs. Both on Rimadyl along with other drugs for years. Both dogs, multiple orthopedic surgeries leading to major arthritis. Bloodwork was progressively getting worse so tried this product as we were out of options. It was good, but I wasn’t convinced it was “the miracle”, kept using it as something was better than nothing. Then…. My 15 year old beagle got REALLY sick so in anticipation of having to rush her to the vet for surgery, I took her off everything but water and pedialite for 24 hours. She came through fine, but couldn’t walk. Absolutely no weight on one leg. We were carrying her everywhere. Put her back on Napreva, one dose, and she was back to normal. So evidently it REALLY works!

Review for Nápreva+K9
It works and he likes it.

Thank goodness, pain relief for my dog that doesn’t make him sick.