Nápreva K9 and NáprevaPLUS K9 Free Trial Offer

Our special trial offer includes one .5 oz bottle of Nápreva K9 and one .5 oz bottle of NáprevaPLUS K9  so you can try both and see which works best for you.

To receive your free trial, you must first complete a short survey and receive a personalized coupon. If you haven’t already done that, complete the TRIAL SURVEY now and then return to the shop to complete your order.


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Review for Nápreva+
Life is better!

I found that 3 sprays worked well. It takes the edge off anxiety . That is what I was looking for. I got used to the taste after a bit. Thanks
Takes the edge off anxiety

Review for Nápreva+
Napreva Is The Answer For Me!

For the last few years I really struggle to fall asleep. Usually I get so frustrated by the process that I get anxious and stressed which makes it even harder to fall asleep. I have tried melatonin and Valerian Route and a lot of other natural supplements and nothing worked. Napreva is amazing. It relaxes me totally within minutes and then I fall asleep on my own and stay asleep for the entire night. And the next day I feel no hangover but I do feel a general calm that lasts throughout the day. This is an amazing product and it’s going to be a part of my wellness regime from now on.
Struggle to fall asleep

Review for Nápreva+
I love this product!!

Nepreva does what it says. I use for all kinds of pains and anxiety. I’m using it and nothing else!!
Pain and Anxiety!

Review for Nápreva+
Excellent product, really works!

This is my third order of Napreva, and I am extremely happy with the way it works. I have three damaged discs in my lower back giving me chronic pain. I refuse to take opiates, and taking handfuls of ibuprofen not good for other reasons, I was looking for an alternative. I’d been using a topical CBD, but it didn’t cut it on those bad days. Skeptical at first after being recommend by a friends father, I ordered some. Now it’s two sprays of Napreva and I am good to go. I have relief within a half hour and feel great all day. I recommend it to all my friends!
Three damaged discs

Review for Nápreva+
No side effects at all. None!

I have degenerative discs that pinch my nerves going into my left leg. If my back is out of adjustment the pain is constant and very uncomfortable. When I use Napreva the first dose eases the pain and I can function quite normally but the second dose allows me to sleep or just relax to watch TV or read.

I am very sensitive to and get odd reactions from drugs, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.etc. so I was a bit iffy about trying something new. I am pleased to say that Napreva only helped my pain. No side effects at all. None!

We have annual passes to the Disney parks and I can enjoy the entire day with Napreva in my bag.

I am reordering (2) today because I don’t ever want to be without it.
degenerative discs