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Original Nápreva was so successful, we’re giving you even more choices!

Plants have been used for medicine for thousands of years.

Modern medicines can be costly and have negative side effects we don’t fully understand - like addiction. On the other hand, almost everything in Nápreva is in our pantry, garden or refrigerator. We applied science to studying the specific combination and concentration of our all-natural ingredients to make it most effective.

West African Pepper

Piper guineense


Salvia officinalis


Persea americana

Japanese Cypress

Chamaecyparis obtusa


Years of field studies with Nápreva formulations


Years studying terpenes for pain and inflammation


Other products using consentrated terpenes like Nápreva

Hello, I am a veterinarian and I suffer from “DISH Syndrome” and also have had a lumbar lamenectomy, three rotator cuff repairs and awaiting a hip replacement. I can tell substantial improvement within minutes after taking Nápreva. I have been using the product twice daily every day since I received it and plan to incorporate it in our veterinary pharmacy as well. I cannot promise the same results for you but I am sure that if you deal with daily pain you need to try Nápreva.

Dr. Gary Rybka, DVM

DISH Syndrome

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