Masters in the science of natural health

A proprietary blend of terpenes and CBD, Nápreva harnesses the force of nature


Before modern medicine, there was natural science

Some of the world’s most widely-used medicines are made from plants. Aspirin, found in the bark of willow trees, has been one of the most common pain relievers for centuries. Quinine is used to treat malaria. Elderberry, echinacea and countless other plants help people with a wide range of conditions, from easing cold symptoms to treating anxiety, heart disease and insomnia.

Try a little. We think you’ll love it a lot.

We can go on and on about what makes Nápreva superior to other CBD products for supporting natural health. But trying it is the surest way to see for yourself.

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Vintage botanical print of Cannabis Sativa shows the historic importance of hemp.

The ancient origins of medicine

Without scientific proof or regulatory approval, people have used ginseng, chamomile, green tea and hemp safely for centuries, guided by practical experience passed from generation to generation. Today, more and more clinical trials are being conducted around the world to better understand the massive potential of plants for healing.

Nápreva reviews

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Cat Talbot
Returning Customer
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I've been using Napreva for over a year and keep coming back for more. It really has been a huge relief for my chronic low back pain. I find two sprays is enough to keep the edge off the pain so I can get on with my day. I have given bottles to friends and family to help them with their issues. I can't thank you enough for such a great product!
Dr. Gary Rybka, DVM
Almost instant relief...
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Hello, I am a veterinarian and I suffer from "DISH Syndrome" and also have had a lumbar lamenectomy, three rotator cuff repairs and awaiting a hip replacement. I can tell substantial improvement within minutes after taking Napreva. I have been using the product twice daily every day since I received it and plan to incorporate it in our veterinary pharmacy as well. I cannot promise the same results for you but I am sure that if you deal with daily pain you need to try Napreva.
Laurie N.
Miracle worker for my dog!!
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My older Dachshund (15+) couldn't use one of her back legs to walk. The vet told me that she never would be able to use it. One of my friends recommended the K-9 formula from Black Rock Nutraceuticals and it's simply been miraculous. She runs around using ALL 4 legs and eats again. I recommend this product for anyone who has an older dog. She has her life back!!!

The perfect blend

Nápreva is a proprietary blend of cannabidiol (CBD) isolate made from industrial hemp and plant terpenes that hundreds of customers have said helps them with symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation. While many products simply contain more CBD, the precise combination of CBD and plant terpenes in Nápreva is designed to ensure maximum potential benefit with minimal risk while on-going studies strive to more fully understand just how CBD works.

People who’ve tried Nápreva say they feel better minutes after their first use. They also say it works better than anything they’ve tried — including prescription meds.

Napreva for people, a proprietary blend of terpenes and CBD.


Masters in the science of natural health

A proprietary blend of terpenes and CBD, Nápreva harnesses the force of nature